News Israel continued For January 2024

South Africa Drags Israel Into Court With PREPOSTEROUS Accusation
Blinken to Israel: You Must Die So a Palestinian State May Live - January 10, 2024
Yemen's Houthis launch largest Red Sea drone, missile attack after US warned them of consequences
Over 50% of Gaza buildings damaged or destroyed in Israel's bombardment - 1.14.24
No Innocent Civilians in Gaza - January 13, 2024 b
Assad and Russia bomb Idlib with white phosphorus bombs - January 6, 2024
US State Department offers up to $10 million for disrupting Hamas's financial network - Jan 06, 2024
American Imam Threatens: All Jews Will be Killed by Muslims - Jan. 13, 2024
UN Top Court Begins Hearing South Africa's Landmark Case Accusing Israel Of Genocide - Jan 11, 2024
Exclusive - Donald Trump: By Now, Every Arab Country, and 'Possibly' Iran, Would Have Signed Abraham Accords if Biden Was Not President - 1.10.24
U.S. Wants a 'New Palestinian Authority' to Rule Gaza. In Exchange, Abbas Wants Statehood
Israel withdraws thousands of troops from Gaza after U.S. arm-twisting - January 17, 2024
US officials: American facilities not affected by Iranian missile strike on Iraqi Kurdistan - 16 January 2024
China halts shipments to Israel, hurting its own port - 1.15.24
UN Agencies Plead For More Gaza Aid, Warning Of Starvation As Death Toll Tops 24,000 - Jan 15, 2024
Biden and Netanyahu 'have not spoken' in three weeks amid split over war - 1.15.24
Iran Fires Ballistic Missiles Into Sites in Syria, Iraq - January 15, 2024
Far Left-Wing Antisemitism increases 1,753% - January 16, 2024
Outright Jew-hatred and support for terrorists on display during 'March for Gaza' in Washington - 1.16.24
Report: Hamas's Gaza tunnel network much longer than IDF thought, has 5,700 shafts - 1.16.24
Israel forbids doctors from speaking to UN group investigating Oct. 7 atrocities - 1.16.24
'Peaceful resolution' not always possible in international conflicts - January 14, 2024
Historical myths of the Palestinian experience - January 14, 2024
Iran's strategy of proxy encirclement - January 14, 2024
Antisemitic incident reports in US surged 360% after Oct. 7 Hamas attack - 1.10.24
With ICJ Trial Looming, Israeli Lawmakers Double Down on Calls to 'Burn Gaza,' Relocate Palestinians -
Netanyahu: Let me be clear - Israel has no intention of displacing Gaza's population - 10 January 2024
In Ramallah, Blinken tells Abbas US supports 'tangible steps' toward Palestinian state - 10 January 2024,
Israel rejects genocide claims at The Hague, says South Africa's allegations 'baseless' - 1.12.24
Sovereignty conference: Oct. 7 put nail in coffin of two-state solution - January 12, 2024
Brighteon Broadcast News, Jan 11, 2024 - A Christian appeal to Muslims everywhere: We must STOP "Genocide Joe"
Arab immigration from Gaza called only solution to war
New York City Chaos: Hamas Supporters Block Three Bridges and Holland Tunnel (Video) - Jan. 8, 2024
"They're saying it out loud": Israeli minister backs mass eviction of Gazans - January 2, 2024
Hamas is using North Korean weapons in Gaza, South Korea confirms - JANUARY 8, 2024
The US Is Dealing With an Israeli Leader Who's Losing Control - 1.8.24
US Military Stops Yemen Missile Attack. . .Tensions Are Escalating - 6,891 views 1.10.24
The Biden administration is breaking the law - 1.11.24
Graham says he will relaunch efforts to strike Saudi normalization deal - 01-05-2024
Houthi Attacks Increasing in Red Sea Despite Washington's Repeated Warnings of 'Consequences' - 1.10.24
Photo Essay: 50,000 People Gather at Western Wall to Pray for Safe Return of Hostages in Gaza - 1.10.24
'You Live Death': One-Third of Hamas Hostages Face Imminent Death, New Report Finds - 1.9.24
Israel Sees Growing Number Of Christians As Population Set To Surpass 10 Million - January 9, 2024
Israel Dismantles Hamas 'Military Framework' in Northern Gaza, IDF Begins Re-Deployment - January 9, 2024
Hezbollah threatens Israel with 'fighting without limits' - January 7, 2024
IDF spokesperson: Conflict with Hamas has 'shifted a stage' to less intense combat - January 8, 2024
In Ramallah, Blinken tells Abbas US supports 'tangible steps' toward Palestinian state - 1.10.24
Zephaniah's Cry: Don't Rely on America! - January 8, 2024
Rashida Tlaib named 2023 'Antisemite of the Year' by StopAntisemitism - January 9, 2024
IDF spokesperson says war with Hamas has 'shifted a stage' to less intense combat - Jan 8, 2024
Assad and Russia bomb Idlib with white phosphorus bombs - Jan 6, 2024
ISIS plotting to exploit Middle East chaos to make blood-soaked comeback after killing 100 in Iran bomb attack
Heavy fire from Lebanon targets northern Israel amid concern over Gaza spillover - 1.6.24
Famine in Gaza 'around the corner,' as people face 'highest levels of food insecurity ever recorded,' - 1.6.24
U.S. has 'indisputable' intel ISIS carried out Iran bombings - Jan 6, 2024
EU countries condemn Israeli far-right ministers' call to resettle Gaza's Palestinians - 1.7.24
Russia's Shocking Message to Israel
As cracks widen in coalition, National Unity members skip cabinet meeting - 1.7.24
3 months into war, IDF says it's dismantled Hamas 'military framework' in north Gaza - 1.6.24
Israel's population tops 9.8 million in 2023 as its Christian population grows - 1.5.24
Expert: Hezbollah has built a vast tunnel network far more sophisticated than Hamas's - 2 January 2024
Hamas Leader Floats 'Unity Government' with Palestinian Authority - 1.3.24
Blinken starts Mideast tour in Turkey in bid to prevent escalation into regional war - 1.6.24
IDF hits over 100 Hamas targets as battles rage in Gaza; rocket hits Sderot building - 1.5.24
Gallant tells US envoy Hochstein there's a 'short window' for a deal with Hezbollah - 4 January 2024
The left turned its back on Jews, time for a new pro-Israel coalition - January 5, 2024
Report: Hezbollah withdraws 1-2 miles from Israel's northern border - January 5, 2024
New Plan Underway To Resettle Palestinians in the Gaza Strip
Anti-Israel rally at JFK Airport causes New Year's Day nightmare on one of the busiest travel days of the year Government to mull plan to replace Palestinian laborers with 80,000 foreign workers - 1.1.24
Top Hamas Leader in Lebanon Dead Following Suspected Israeli Airstrike at Beirut - 1.2.24
EU policy chief urges world to 'impose' solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict - 3 January 2024
Jan. 3: Several Hezbollah members killed in Israeli strikes as erupting tensions roil border
Israel Warns Of World War III With Iran After Deadly Red Sea Clash, Nuclear Arms Race - January 3, 2024
Iran Attacks US Military Bases 118 Times (Worthy News Investigation) - January 3, 2024
Leon Panetta: This 'smells' like a terrorist attack - 64,808 views 1.4.24
U.S Intelligence Confirms Hamas Terrorists Used Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital as Command Center - 1.3.24
US sinks 3 Houthi attack boats as gunmen try to board container ship in Red Sea - 12.31.24
Palestinian Terrorists Ring in New Year 2024 with Rocket Barrage at Israeli Cities - 12.31.23
US to withdraw largest aircraft carrier in world from Israel's shores - report
IDF kills Hamas Nukhba commander who helped lead October 7 massacre - JANUARY 1, 2024
CBS Mornings - Israel moving thousands of troops out of Gaza, but expects "prolonged fighting" with Hamas

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