News Social Issues continued For January 2024

Florida is in great devastation - 61K vieews 1.11.24
Student Loan Borrowers 'Boycott' Payments to Pressure Biden Admin to Wipe Debts - January 18, 2024
E. Jean Carroll Just Testified To Owning an Illegal Firearm and Ammo in New York State.- 1.18.24
Biden Campaign Plans Rallies, Op-Eds, TV Ads to Demand Mass Murder of American Babies. - 1.18.24
Credit Card Delinquencies Hit 2008 Levels | 1 in 5 Finance Groceries (Buy Now Pay Later)
Feds asked financial institutions to flag Bible purchases, terms like 'MAGA,' 'TRUMP' to identify 'Extremists'
BREAKING: NATO to Launch Largest Drills In Decades With Some 90,000 Troops - 1.18.24
Fani Willis to face hearing for 'hiring her lover' as top prosecutor in Trump election case: Georgia judge orders Fulton County DA to respond to allegations over affair with colleague who was paid more than $600,000
'No one knew what to do': Teslas abandoned and towed after heading to frozen charging station - 1.16.24
Nigeria: Mass Slaughter of Christians Continues Unabated, "A Trail of Grief and Trauma" - January 17, 2024
Alabama Can Enforce Ban On Sex Change Treatments For Minors, Appeals Court Rules - January 17, 2024
Trump Pledges to Oppose Implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency - January 18, 2024 |
China's Stock Market In Free Fall - Will The U.S. Stock Market Be Next? - 1.18.24
Houthis attack Greek-owned vessel in Red Sea - January 17, 2024
Faulkner, Guest Stunned After Fmr Clinton Adviser Says Michelle Obama Might Run For Office
Argentina President Javier Milei slams elites at Davos: 'the state is the problem'
Klaus Schwab predicts AI will make elections obsolete - 'We know what the result will be' - 1.18.24
Mom of Ohio teen who died by suicide after sextortion warns about new online risks - 1.18.2024
ChatGPT Will Send Users to Election Site Run By RINO Who Said There Was No 2020 Election Fraud
Senator Drops Bombshell Data: Covid Shots 55 Times Deadlier than Flu Vaccines - January 18, 2024 -
WATCH: Tucker Carlson: 'Country you grew up in no longer exists' - January 17, 2024
EXC - Trump to Declare 'I Will Never Allow Central Bank Digital Currency' in New Hampshire Speech.-
New Poll Alleges Over 20% of Mail-In Voters Admit to Cheating in 2020 -- And Media is Silent - 12.17.2023
Democrat charged in voter fraud scheme over dozens of absentee ballots - December 21, 23
IRS Rakes in Record $4.9 Trillion in Taxes from Americans Amid Enforcement Crackdown (only part of it)
Jordan Peterson throws down, warns 'the war has barely started' after Canadian court affirms he must undergo 're-education'
Non-White Americans To Become Majority By 2050 - 1.17.24
Democrat-run Maine town approves nearly $3.5 million to build luxury apartments for migrants, cover their rent for 2 years
The state is also spending $100,000 of taxpayer money to help migrants process asylum applications - 1.13.24
Questions Arise on How Chinese Billionaire Secretly Became Second-Largest Foreign Owner of U.S. Land
Taiwan's New President Faces 'Tough' Time with China Pressure, No Parliament Majority - 1.14.24
12 Examples Of The Tremendous Chaos That Is Suddenly Erupting All Over The Globe - 1.14.24
Blue state residents blast new law requiring lawnmowers, leaf blowers to go green, 'pandering to a base'
Peter Sweden: Climate INSANITY - It's Too COLD for Electric Busses - Jan. 6, 2024
Trump Shares Messianic Video About God Sending Him To Save World - Jan 5th, 2024
CNN May Start Charging to Watch News Clips on Cell Phones. - 1.17.24
US Workers LOSE 1.4 Million Jobs, While Immigrants GAIN 3 Million - 4,626 views Jan 16, 2024
King Charles' health history revealed, from chronic neck pain and broken rib to enlarged prostate and 'sausage fingers'
Kate is 'doing well' after 'successful' abdominal surgery say Palace sources: Princess of Wales is recovering in hospital as Prince William juggles childcare and being at his wife's bedside - while King Charles faces treatment for 'enlarged prostate' - 1.17.24
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: Trump 'Wasn't Wrong' On Critical Issues. - 1.17.24
Japan's New Year's Day earthquake was so strong that it shifted the coastline over 800 FEET, satellite images reveal
Biden stresses US 'does not support independence' for Taiwan as world leaders react to election win
Ukraine attacked overnight by 40 Russian missiles, drones, air force says - January 13, 20241
WEF Chief Vows to Usher In Global 'New Order' - January 17, 2024
Trump Leads Haley by 16 Points in New Hampshire. - 1.17.24
BIDEN'S JOBS GROWTH LIE: Quiet Corrections Reveal Economy Added Near HALF A MILLION FEWER Jobs Than First Claimed.
PA Govt Workers Are Training ChatGPT to Replace Them. - 1.17.24
Chicago-area Tesla charging stations lined with dead cars in freezing cold: 'A bunch of dead robots out here' - 78% of Iowa Caucus Goers See Charges Against Trump as Political Attacks - Up to 88% of Iowa Caucus Goers Believe Joe Biden Is Illegitimate President - Jan. 15, 2024
The wealth of the world's five richest men more than doubled since 2020 - January 14, 2024
Swiss Accept Zelensky's Request To Stage Ukraine Peace Summit - January 15, 2024
Russia dismisses Davos discussion on Ukrainian president's peace plan - 1.15.24
Xi Jinping is in a battle with China's own military, and the outcome could drag the US into WWIII - 1.15.24
Plot to Disrupt Stock Exchange Foiled, Six Pro-Palestinian Activists Arrested - 1.15.24
Prophecy Update: Is There Anything They Don't Know? - 1.2K views 1.16.24
SPECIAL ALERT: It's Escalating Quickly! - 13K views 1.11.24
VIDEO: WEF Prophet Says Trump 2024 Will Be 'Death Blow To Global Order' - 54,734 views - 1.15.24
Bernie Sanders Demands Senate Vote On Bill Potentially Freezing Military Aid To Israel - 1.16.24
Republican Bill Would Allow Expecting Moms to Collect Child Support Payments While Pregnant - 1.16.24
Gates Foundation Will Donate $8.6 Billion in 2024, Including Millions to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
Department Of Justice Acknowledges Hunter Biden Laptop Content Is Legitimate For First Time - 1.16.24
Even New York Wants Trump Now! It's All But Over Biden Now - 228,327 views 1.13.2024
WATCH: Tucker Carlson: What the results in Iowa mean - January 16, 2024
Marjorie Taylor Greene Threatens to Oust Speaker Johnson - January 15, 2024
Judge Cannon Denies Jack Smith's Motion to Force Disclosure of Trump's Defense Argument Plans - 1.15.24
WEF Advisor Warns Trump's Reelection Will Be 'Death Blow' to Globalism - January 15, 2024
Iowa SHOCKS CNN: 68% of Voters Believe Joe Biden STOLE 2020 Election - 1.15.24
Federal Court Strikes Down Biden's Home Appliance Regulations - January 16, 2024 -
Texas Transports Over 100,000 Foreign Nationals to 'Sanctuary Cities' - January 14, 2024
Fake meat? Grill me a 'slurry' of E.coli and antibiotics - January 16, 2024
Houthi Missile Strikes US-Owned Cargo Ship In Red Sea - 1.15.24
BREAKING: Deep State To Remove Joe Biden At DNC In July - January 15th 2024
WEF Calls for AI to Replace Voters: 'Why Do We Need Elections?' - January 16, 2024
WEF Member Compares Free Speech to 'Fascism,' Demands Censorship of X - January 16, 2024 -
Vivek Ramaswamy Suspends Presidential Campaign - 1.15.24
New AI-Powered Bible App Offers Personalized Experience of Scripture Study - January 15, 2024
Network racist diatribe gives preview of 2024 media 'coverage' - January 16, 2024
Harvard Does It Again: Partners With Palestinian University Calling For Genocide - 1.16.24
The Leftwing Media's Declaration Of War Against Homeschoolers - 1.16.24
57 Places in the US Where Homeownership Has Become Unaffordable - 1.4.24
How the leaders of the Great German Farmers' Protest are committed to neutralising their own movement, and what the farmers must now do if they want anything to change - Jan 16, 2024
EXCLUSIVE: Top Trans Pediatric Doctors Admit In Unearthed Video That Puberty Blockers Aren't As 'Reversible' As Advertised
Be Prepared. The Grid Is Going Down. - 452K views 1.14.24
"It's All Over": Powell's WSJ Mouthpiece And JPMorgan Confirm Imminent End Of QT - Jan 16, 2024
Majority of Americans oppose using preferred pronouns in schools, report finds - January 16, 2024
10 hospitals closing departments or ending services - January 12th, 2024
Globalist World Health Organization planning to ABOLISH the First Amendment in America, Bret Weinstein tells Tucker
Trump Delivers Victory Speech After Blow-Out Win In Republican Iowa Caucus - 421,762 views 1.16.24
You're hired! Trump wins Iowa Caucus in landslide - January 15, 2024
Top doctors admit in unearthed video: Child sex changes way more 'invasive' than advertised - 1.16.24
Allianz CEO Raises Risk Barometer, Warning Out of Touch Elites Are 'Number One Risk for Societies'. -
YAHOO: Inflation 'Cooling' Thanks to Cheap Migrant Labor Depressing Your Wages. - 1.16.24
'It's over,' top pollster says of race for 2024 Republican nomination - January 16, 2024
'This is crazy. It's a disaster. Seriously': Bitter cold freezes EV charging - January 16, 2024
LIVE: Previewing the 2024 Iowa Caucus Results with Election Experts - 74,364 views 1.15.24
82% of Republicans Agree With Trump That Illegals Are 'Poisoning the Blood' of America. - 1.15.24
Ford Can't Sell EVs! Biggest EV Market CRASH Of Our Lifetime Just Begun! - 8,042 views 1.15.24
Epstein 'sought baby farm' so elites could impregnate underage girls - ir sperm' - 1.15.24
UK FINALLY Moves to Ban Islamist 'Hizb ut-Tahrir' Group After First Pledge in 2010.- 1.15.24
Britain's Muslim 'Grooming Gangs' Report Finds White Children 'Left at the Mercy' of Rapists, With At Least 96 Still at Large.
Would a Trump conviction impact his votes? Iowans have strong answer - January 15, 2024
We investigated the German farmer protests - 21,546 views 1.14.24
Alternative for Deutschland Lawmaker: 'We Will Return Foreigners to Homelands By the Millions.'
Steve Kornacki dives into Iowa poll: Trump maintains lead, but Haley appears to overtake DeSantis
'Vivek Is Not MAGA!' Trump Turns On 'Deceitful' Ramaswamy Right Before Iowa Caucus - Just After THIS Photo
Chinese Pawn: Biden Stresses That U.S. Does NOT Support Independent Taiwan - 1.14.24
OMG! It's happening! - 7,423 views 1.14.24
Biden Regime Signals Its Approval of Poland's New Globalist Govt Jailing Its Opponents.- 1.14.24
Republican seeking Romney's Senate seat got big cash from woke donors - January 14, 2024
No Arrests After Anti-Israel Protesters Clash With Police During Violent 'Day of Rage' Outside White House
No one's business is safe': U.S. city using dark scheme to steal property - January 14, 2024
Democratic States Chasing 'Green' Energy Goals Running Roughshod Over Local Objections to Unsightly Power Projects
"Canadian tax payers have to pay for refugees" Toronto Mayor drops a BOMBSHELL - 82K views 1.12.2024
Elon Musk warns 'open borders will kill America' - 1.1.24
Fox News Hosts Claim Michelle Obama Isn't Helping Biden's Campaign Because 'She Wants To Run'
WATCH LIVE: Trump Hosts 'Vision for America' Town Hall from Iowa.- 1.14.24
Over 50 countries go to the polls in 2024. The year will test even the most robust democracies
3 Extremely Alarming Developments Which Could Have Enormous Global Implications - 1.10.24
Biden to Start Handing Out Photo IDs to Illegal Aliens - 1.9.24
John Kerry to Step Down as U.S. Climate Envoy - 1.13.24
Federal Judge Dismisses Marketing Lawsuit Against Trump - 1.13.24
'This is insane': Elon Musk goes on tear to expose ease of election fraud in U.S.- 1.9.24
Network anchor makes troubling prediction about Michelle Obama - January 9, 2024
Bombshell: 200 undercover FBI assets at Capitol on Jan. 6, congressman says - January 8, 2024
Artificial Intelligence Is Allowing Them To Construct A Global Surveillance Prison From Which No Escape Is Possible
Victor Davis Hanson: A Culture In Collapse - Jan 09, 2024
Eva Vlaardingerbroek Exposes New Netflix Film's Connection To The World Economic Forum
WHO's Plan For The Planet
Social Credit Score Nightmare: BlackRock CEO Admits ESG's are About 'Forcing Behaviors' - 33,135 views
Desperate Biden Campaign Hires AOC, Jon Stewart Staffers to Burnish Leftist Credentials.- 1.13.2024
Chaos Brewing as Yellen Declares U.S. Economy is Going To Be Fine - 1.12.24
Maine: Brand-New Apartments For Illegal Migrants Unveiled, Paid For By State Taxpayers - 1.12.24
Nearly 30% of Americans behind on debt payments in largest metros - January 11, 2024
'Almost impossible to sell used electric vehicles': EVs make up less than 2% of used car sales across European countries
'Not In My District': AOC Blows Off Question About NYC School Shut Down To House Illegal Immigrants -
China Stooges Lose Taiwan Election to Independence Stalwarts.- 1.13.24
'A Giant Magnet for Migrants': California Lawmaker Pushes Back Against Tax-Funded Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants
Supreme Court To Rule on Whether Arresting Homeless People for Sleeping in Public Is 'Cruel and Unusual' Punishment
"No one is ready for what's COMING in 2024" Gerald Celente warns | Redacted with Clayton Morris - 402K v's
Trump Warns of 'Dangerous' Propaganda Efforts after Fake AI Images of Him on Epstein's Plane Went Viral
VA's 1st Black Speaker - Literally A Felon - Demands Trump Off The Ballot Because 'He's Too Extreme.'
Trump Just Announced He's Chosen A Vice President | I Know Who It Is… I Think ???? - 276,644 views
New Law: Side Hustles Become Illegal | What You Must Know - 1.11.24
NYC Mayor Adams: Forcing Students Out of High School to Make Way for Illegals Was 'the Right Thing' to Do
Google lays off hundreds of workers - 01/11/24
DeSantis Lashes Out at Conservative Outlets That Won't Back Him - 'It's a Racket!' - 1.12.24
BREAKING: U.S. And U.K. Launch Retaliatory Airstrikes Against Houthis In Yemen - 1.11.24
'Con Artist' Accused Of Stealing Over $100M From Army To Buy 'Jewelry, Clothing, Vehicles, Real Estate' -
Florida: 123 Arrested In Human Trafficking Operation, Including Elementary School Teacher - 1.11.24
Malaysia Rolling Out Controversial Digital ID - January 12, 2024 |
Rental giant Hertz dumps EVs, including Teslas, for gas cars - January 11, 2024
eBay agrees to pay $3 million to resolve charges over stalking scandal - 1.11.24
German TV Promotes Great Replacement Climate Plan: Stop Having White European Children 'Aryan CO2 Emitters,' Import Third World Migrants Instead
Youth ministry reports over 7,800 young people turned to Christ in fiscal year 2023 - January 11, 2024
Jill Biden: "We Have to Keep Fighting" for Abortions Up to Birth - Jan 11, 2024
President Of Left-Wing Group Behind Trump's Colorado Ballot Removal Visited Biden White House Multiple Times
Hunter flip-flops, now volunteers to testify to Congress - January 12, 2024
Harvard partners with Palestinian university that calls to genocide Jews - January 12, 2024
7 men on film gang-raping toddlers at popular Texas mall, posting videos to dark web: FBI - 1.12.24
Bill Gates: AI Will Save 'Democracy,' Make 'Humans Get Along with Each Other' & 'Be Less Polarized'
Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade steps out armed with handgun after bombshell Fani Willis affair allegations - and didn't deny tryst
D.C. Council Set To Vote on Public Safety Bill as Homicide, Carjackings Surge - 1.12.24
Bill Gates fantasizes that AI can save 'democracy' - January 12, 2024
Rand Paul Announces 'Never Nikki' Initiative. 1.12.24
Farm Attacks Up 21 Percent in Anti-White South Africa. - 1.12.24
Elon Musk's Family Is Richer Than You Think - 877k Views 1 months ago
She Only JUST Found This Out... - 39,763 views 1.11.24
DA Fani Willis Is Shamed - She Had To Pay Men $600k To Be With Her - 23,638 views 1.11.24
DATA: Trump Holds 8-Point Lead Over Biden, Haley Candidacy Would Result in General Election Loss.
POISONING THE BLOOD: 35 Members of 'Violent Drug Trafficking Operation' Indicted for Smuggling 'Millions' of Fentanyl Pills, Meth, and Cocaine Into U.S.
DATA: Trump Town Hall Gets 2X Viewership of DeSantis-Haley CNN Scuffle. - 1.11.24
Army struggles for white recruits amid recruiting crisis, diversity push - January 11, 2024
Now Harvard gets sued for allowing anti-Semitism - January 11, 2024
Biden told to stop 'selling' Oval Office tours - January 11, 2024
Already, Gov. Maura Healey in Massachusetts has called for families to shelter immigrants in their homes.
Is Biden Merely 'President In Name Only'?: Lloyd Austin's Disappearance Begs The Question
VIDEO - 'Robot Takeover': World's First Completely AI-Powered Eatery Opens in California - 1.7.24
Elon Musk says it's 'insane' that Americans can vote without ID, cast ballots by mail - 1.8.24
Federal Debt Up $6.2 Trillion Under Biden - $47,462 per Household - January 8, 2024
Putin had to go 'cap in hand' to beg North Korea for weapons, says the UK's defense secretary
Prophetic Mega-Trends Reshaping Our World In 2024 - January 7, 2024
Crime in 2023: Murder Plummeted, Violent and Property Crime Likely
U.S. voters: Biden's border 'crisis' now a full-blown 'invasion'
'True' unemployment rate is double what gov't is telling us, economists say
Federal Court Rebukes DeSantis Over Suspension of Elected 'Woke' Judge.- 1.11.24
WATCH: Tucker Carlson: Biggest protests in modern German history - January 11, 2024
Houthi militias launch biggest attack to date on merchant vessels in Red Sea - Jan 10 2024
Supreme Court Should Strike Down Joe Biden's Attempt to Force Doctors to Do Abortions - Jan 10, 2024
Planned Parenthood Caught Admitting It Does Secret Abortions on Teens "So the Parents Won't Find Out"
Ending the silence on healthcare violence - 1.9.24
Inflation Soars As High Prices Continue To Squeeze Americans - 1.11.24
Chinese Communist Party Member Is Second-Largest Foreign Owner of American Land - January 11, 2024
New Iowa Poll Shows DeSantis Slump to 13% While Haley Picks Up Chris Christie's Votes.- 1.11.24
WATCH: Tens of Thousands Flood Warsaw Streets In Protest of Globalist Government's Jailing of Political Opponents.
Scalise to Miss Votes Through February While Recovering from Cancer - 1.5.24
SCOTUS to take up Trump Colorado ballot case - Oral arguments will take place on Feb. 8.
Ukraine Praises Donald Trump for Sanctions on Nord Stream Pipeline: 'A Person You Can Work With' - 1.5.24
Regulators approve new bitcoin funds in move that could spur more investment in the digital currency
Kornacki breaks down whether Nikki Haley is 'gonna get smoked' - 31,774 views 1.10.24
Key takeaways from Iowa GOP debate between DeSantis and Haley - 1,226 views 1.10.24
Another Republican drops out of presidential race - January 10, 2024
Governor Nikki Haley Welcomed Chinese Firms to South Carolina, Including Company Which Sold Lead-Tainted Candy.
Fear-mongering global elites identify most severe threats - January 10, 2024
Triggered Hunter Biden Storms Out of House Contempt Hearing When MTG Gets Mic - January 10th 2024
Ray Epps - Who Literally Told People to Storm Capitol on J6 - Avoids Jail, Sentenced to 1-Year Probation, Fine & Community Service
Let's build an UnCanceled America - Jan 9, 2024
Decentralize.TV - Episode 28, Jan 8, 2024 - The "Silver Guru" David Morgan reveals gold, silver, dollar and fiat currency GAME PLAN for 2024
France Appoints Politician of Jewish Origin as Youngest PM in Its History - 1.9.24
European Central Bank Says Digital Currency Will Compliment Cash - January 9, 2024
Trump's D.C. trial could trigger a national crisis - January 9, 2024
WATCH: Tucker Carlson: Why are 'fossil fuels' on Saturn's moon? - January 9, 2024
Get ready to Rumble: Biden targets popular free-speech video platform - January 9, 2024
Hunter Biden Flees Committee Hearing After Making Surpise Appearance - 1.10.24
Judge Blocks Trump From Giving Closing Argument At Own Trial - 1.10.24
Oversight Committee Debates Resolution to Hold Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress - 1.10.24
Canada Backs WHO's Push for Global 'Climate Lockdown' Powers - January 10, 2024
Zelensky's Poll Numbers Down Over 20 Points Amid Suspended Elections, Battlefield Failures.- 1.10.24
'You've Been Canceled': Fox News Hosts Leave As Network Is In Ruin - 1M views 5 months ago
Rep Clay Higgins: 'Easily 200 FBI Undercover Assets' Dressed as Trump Supporters on Jan 6 - 1.10.24
Melania Trump's Mother, Amalija Knavs, Has Passed Away.- 1.10.24
POISONING THE BLOOD: Enough Fentanyl to Kill Over 1.7 Million Americans Seized in Florida.- 1.10.24
GLOBALISM UNHINGED: Cops Storm Poland's Presidential Palace to Arrest Conservative Politicians.- 1.10.24
NYC Students REPLACED in Their Schools By Migrants.- 1.10.24
You Won't BELIEVE What JUST Happened To Joe Biden... - 6,799 views 1.9.2024
EU Now Wants a Million Migrants a Year: 'It's Not Enough'. - 1.10.24
Christie Says He Could Support DeSantis or Haley… Which Tells You Everything.- 1.9.24
Epstein Accuser Virginia Giuffre 'Never Saw' Trump 'Participate' In Anything Involving Jeffrey Epstein, Docs Show
BISHOPS REFUSE TO OBEY: Globalist Pope Faces Massive Resistance Worldwide - 23K views 1.8.24
LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman visited Jeffrey Epstein's private island, planned to visit NYC mansion
EXCLUSIVE: Here's How Turkish Smugglers Use Social Media To Help 'Citizens Of Every Country' Reach The US Border
Speaker Johnson Announces $1.66 Trillion Bipartisan Package To Avert Shutdown - Jan 08, 2024
Fulton DA Allegedly Appointed Romantic Partner As Special Prosecutor In Trump Case - 1.8.24
Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's brother says his suicide seems 'like a cover up' and the feds are hiding key details of his autopsy, photos of his body and claims he knows why his guards were SLEEPING when he killed himself
Even Mitt Romney Thinks Jan 6 Is A Political 'Dead Horse.' - 1.9.24
Is Bringing A Lot Of Awareness To Illegals Being Imported To Vote Today. Don't Forget: Multiple States Have Already Voted To Allow Illegal Immigrants (Non-Citizens) To Vote & Many More States Currently In Process Of Passing Legislation To Allow Them To Vote This is ON THE RECORD: "Non-citizens have not been eligible to vote in New York or as far as I know in any other state since the 19th century."
Trump can't be prosecuted for ordering SEAL Team 6 to assassinate his rivals unless he is found guilty in an impeachment trial first, his lawyers argue in stunning court exchange over his election fraud case immunity claim
Fani Willis' DA Lover Secretly Coordinated with Biden's White House before Trump Indictment - 1.9.24
Biden Administration Withdraws Proposal To Remove William Penn Statue, After National Backlash - 1.9.24
WATCH: Even Mike Pence Says Jan 6 Was Not 'An Insurrection.' - 1.9.24
California Judge Rules Families of Dead Children Can Sue Snapchat Over Their Kids Using the App to Buy Fentanyl
Jeffrey Epstein Fixer's Office Burglarized Hours Before Document Dump (Exclusive) - Jan 5, 2024
GOP Blocks Biden Bill to Fund, Hide Mass Migration - 1.6.24
Peter Sweden: Climate INSANITY - It's Too COLD for Electric Busses - Jan. 6, 2024
Pentagon Press Association Expresses "Significant Concern" Over DoD Keeping Defense Secretary Austin's Hospitalization Secret
Exclusive - Karoline Leavitt: Liberal Globalists Rallying Around Their 'Chosen Candidate,' Nikki Haley - 1.6.24
Exclusive - Iowa AG Brenna Bird: Efforts to Take Trump off the Ballot 'Absolutely Election Interference' -
The NWO's 2024 Black Swan Tell - 302,767 views Jan 2, 2024
Communism: The Most Powerful System of Control Ever Created - Jan 8, 2024
DA Fani Willis accused of having inappropriate relationship with prosecutor in Trump's election c...- 1.8.24
Ron DeSantis ENDING CAMPAIGN to ENDORSE Donald Trump
Washington Post Doomed amid Failing Business Plan, Massive Losses - January 8, 2024
Obama Panics, Calls on Biden's Campaign to 'Aggressively' Target Trump - January 8, 2024
Farmers Rise Up, Bring Germany to a Standstill with Anti-Globalist Protests - January 8, 2024
Average bottle of water contains 240,000 pieces of cancer-causing nanoplastics - 100 times more than previously thought
Bloomberg: Elections Are a Threat to Democracy. - 1.8.24
United and Alaska Airlines cancel nearly 350 flights after FAA grounds 171 Boeing 737 Max 9 planes amid safety fears - leaving thousands of passengers facing major travel disruption
I'm Baaack! Meet My New Son ?? - 691K views 1.4.24
The War Against Israel Is Not A War Against Israel. It Is A War Against The West - 1.8.24
Economic Turbulence Coming In 2024: 38% Of Companies Anticipate Layoffs - January 08, 2023
Harvard professor says Claudine Gay made the university 'a police organization' - January 5, 2024
They want us to electrify everything: I refuse!
Speaker Johnson announces top-line spending deal to avoid government shutdown - 01/07/24
Iowa's final stretch: What each GOP candidate needs to do - 01/08/24
"They give the criminals more power than the workers." Why are we empowering criminals?
Donald Trump WINS IOWA BY 50 POINTS Over DeSantis and Nikki Haley
A California Law Barring The Carrying Of Firearms In Most Public Places Is Blocked Again - 1.7.24
Honestly sad to watch': Questions arise about Biden's condition following new videos of president seemingly 'confused'
EXC DATA: 2/3rds of Americans Say 'Invasion' is Accurate Term to Describe Biden's Border Crisis.- 1.8.24
Golden Carriage Ride is Margrethe II's Last Public Appearance as Queen - 29K views 1.6.24
Donald Trump JUST Made A BIG Move! - WHOA! - 4,574 views 1.7.24
Kristi Noem Will Help Trump Win 2024 - Now Even The Press Is Making Her Case - 32,532 views 1.7.24
2024: The Year of The ANTICHRIST Consolidating His POWER As We See With The LIST?? - 1.7.24
King Charles 'calls emergency meeting' with William, Kate amid abdication rumours - January 02, 2024
Biden's Drug Cartel Buddies Just Dumped 1,000 Illegals in a Small Wisconsin Town
Chris Christie endorses homosexual 'marriage' - January 4, 2024
'I'm afraid every day for my children': As antisemitism soars, French Jews flee to Israel - 6 January 2024
ONCOLOGIST: I've Studied More Than 5,000 Near Death Experiences. My Research Has Convinced Me Without A Doubt That There Is Life After Death
Here's How Congressional Redistricting Could Affect 2024 House Races - 1.6.24
Park Service to Remove Statue of William Penn from Philadelphia Park, Replace it With More 'Inclusive' Displays - 1.7.24
Ep. 61 This the smartest, best informed account of what actually happened on January 6th. - 1.6.24
JUST IN: Michelle Obama's ex-boyfriend David Upchurch has come forward to reveal that "she" is actually a man named Michael Robinson
This video just ENDED Nikki Haley's campaign - 50,744 views 1.6.2024
Pending Supreme ruling throws wrench into slew of Jan. 6 cases - 1.2.24
'I'm finished with this stiff': Trump goes nuclear on Republican governor - 12.31.23
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Is Named in New Batch of Epstein Documents - Jan. 4, 2024
Denver: Crews Sweep Migrant Encampments as More Arrive - 1.3.24
More Chicago Suburbs Join Bus Bans to Stop Chicago-Bound Illegal Aliens - 1.3.24
NYC Mayor Admits Illegal Immigrants Have Contributed to 'Robbery Pattern' - 1.3.24
Microsoft adds new AI Copilot button to Windows keyboards in device's first change in 30 years - 1.4.24
Donald Trump Could Be Ousted Even If He Wins Election Under SCOTUS Ruling - Jan 04, 2024
6 ways the Supreme Court could decide Trump's fate in 2024 - 1.4.24
WATCH: Anti-Israel Radicals Stage Insurrection in California State Capitol; Assembly Shut Down; No Arrests - Artificial Intelligence Is Allowing Them To Construct A Global Surveillance Prison From Which No Escape Is Possible
NATO Plans False Flag in Black Sea to Launch WWIII - January 5th 2024,
US Offers $10 Million Reward for Information on Hamas Financiers - 1.5.24
Microsoft, OpenAI sued for copyright infringement by nonfiction book authors in class action claim
George Washington Is Turning Over in His Grave at Biden's Campaign Against Democracy - 1.5.24
Arkansas Attorney General Blocks Another Attempt to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth - Jan 5, 2024
More Far-Left Activists Team Up to Keep Trump Off the Ballot. This Time in Illinois.- 1.6.24
AG James Seeks $370M From Donald Trump After Civil Fraud Trial - 1.5.24
Abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2023 - 06 January 2024
DeWine now signs order banning sex-change surgeries for minors - January 5, 2024
The 2020 election was rigged long before election day. - 2,562 views 1.6.24
7 nursing jobs with 6-figure salaries
Disney Hands Control of 'Star Wars' Franchise to WEF Official - January 6, 2024
Ballot Cleansing: Democrats Are Moving To Bar Republicans From Ballots Nationwide - Jan 05, 2024
Longtime National Rifle Association Chief, Wayne LaPierre, as Trial Looms, Says He Will Step Down - 1.5.24
China has Deployed a 5 Point Plan that could End America! - December 29, 2023
Left-Wing Attempt To Tie Trump To Foreign Influence Money Doesn't Add Up, Records Show - 1.5.24
State Bill to Remove Biden from 2024 Election Ballot Filed in Missouri - January 6, 2024
Colorado SOS Announces That Trump Will Appear on Primary Ballot after Supreme Court Takes Case - 1.6.24
Lauren Boebert Celebrates 'Wins' for Constitution and Republic after Trump Placed on Colorado Primary Ballot HAPPY JAN 6! - How The National Pulse Broke the Narrative and Reported the Truth Since THAT Day 3 Years Ago.- 1.6.24
Letitia James Raises Damages Demands as She Seeks To Ban Trump From Doing Business in New York
Top Nikki Haley, E Jean Carroll, & Fusion GPS Backer Was Epstein Island Visitor. - 1.6.24
Supreme Court AGREES to consider whether Donald Trump should remain on Colorado's 2024 ballot after he was disqualified
UK Election May Take Place Just 9 Days After America's.- 1.5.24
Ivanka Trump hits the slopes in a red ski suit while enjoying a lavish family New Year's trip to Aspen, where she went ice fishing, ate fondue, and attended an electronic music concert
Clinton-Appointed Judge Dismisses Trump Ballot Disqualification Case 'With Prejudice' - Jan 04, 2024
"The System Is Not Going To Let Trump Win" - Dems' Real Puppet Isn't Gavin, It's Nikki: Tucker And Vivek -
Biden Admin Says US, Israel Not Behind Iran Blast As Death Toll Surpasses 100 - Jan 04, 2024
Trump finally posts list of documented 2020 election failures! - January 4, 2024 at 3:48pm
Woman pays for groceries at Whole Foods using a chip implanted in her hand, sparking debate - 1.5.24
Now Illinois and Massachusetts voters try to DISQUALIFY Trump in 2024: Petitions filed in two states to follow Colorado and Maine by kicking ex-president off the ballot for being part of an 'insurrection'
Megyn Kelly Teases Evidence Epstein Still Alive: 'I Can Tell You for a Fact - You May Be Hearing from Him Directly'
Latest GOP presidential primary polls show Trump in the lead.- January 5, 2024
Lawmakers and Others Hold Press Conference on 3-Year Anniversary of January 6 Attack
Top Haley Advisor is 'Israel Fanatic, Totally Opposed to Peace', Was Fired by Trump.- 1.5.24
Trump Pocketed Millions of Dollars From Communist China, Saudi Arabia During His White House Years: Democratic Report
Far Left Demonstrators in California Stage Yet Another 'Insurrection' to Shut Down Capitol - January 3, 2024
ISIS Takes Responsibility For Iran Bombings, At Least 84 People Killed - 1.4.24
Trump Has Selected His Running Mate - This Will Only Help Him Win In 2024 - 247,130 views 1.4.24
Germany Is Falling: Mobs of Military-Age Muslim Migrants Riot and Attack Police; "They Shot at Anything That Moves"
Media Company Boasts About 'Active Listening' Technology to Snoop on You Through Your Phone - 1.1.24
US office buildings face $117BN debt time bomb: Mortgages due this year threaten to sink US economy as thousands of workplaces remain empty
Powder Keg Europe: Dutch Army Commander Urges Preparation for War With Russia, as Netherlands Get Ready To Send F-16 Fighters to Ukraine
2024 Will Be A Year Of Historic Natural Disasters - 1.1.24
Make Harvard Great Again - Jared Kushner for President - 1.4.24
Google settles $5 billion privacy lawsuit over tracking people using 'incognito mode' - 12/29/23
Fidelity has marked down value of X by 71.5 percent since Musk takeover - 01/02/24
Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2023, Killing 73 Million People - 1.2.24
An Open Letter to the American Psychiatric Association Regarding the Publication of Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care
Michael Cohen Loses Appeal To Revive Retaliation Claim Against Trump - 1.2.24
Has Feminism And 'Hoeflation' Destroyed Dating In The West? - Dec 31, 2023
14 Things To Know About The Great American Eclipse Of 2024 - 1.4.24
Sixth-Grade Student Is Killed and 5 Are Injured in Iowa School Shooting - 1.4.24
The Plan That Will Force 100 Million American's To Sell Their Assets in 2024 - 1.3.24
Anti-Israel Protests Blocking Travel Across New York City Spark Fury Among Residents - 1.2.24
Shock Video: Illegal Alien Invaders Line Up to Receive 'Free' Taxpayer-Funded Housing in NYC - 1.2.24
Ford will recall 112K pickup trucks over roll away concerns - 01/03/24
FTC reaches settlement in case over hundreds of millions of illegal robocalls - 01/03/24
It's Happening Again: This Brings Universal Basic Income Nationwide - 1.3.24
10,000 illegals PER DAY pouring into the USA to REPLACE the American people - 1.3.24
Berlin Jews Facing 'Extremely Tense' Situation, City's Top Antisemitism Official Warns - 1.3.24
Unborn Babies are Human beings, Therefore They Have Human Rights - Jan 3, 2024
'Do not jump to conclusions': 7 state capitols evacuated or locked down amid bomb threats - 1.3.24
Everyone is nervous': Indiana system CEO on rising hospital closures
Facebook Admits Tracking Every Website Its Users Visit - January 4, 2024
Trump Moves To Hold Jack Smith In Contempt Of Court - 1.4.24
NGOs "carefully planned" mass migration INVASION of America, report reveals - 01/03/2024
How 379 people escaped fiery Japan Airlines plane crash - 1.4.24
Jeffrey Epstein list LIVE: Names from bombshell documents continue to leak - including former FBI Director who 'had knowledge of Bill Clinton's travel'
Jan 6 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Dismissed by Federal Judge.- 1.4.24
Epstein Docs Released, Say Clinton 'Likes Em Young' & Confirms Trump Never Visited Homes or Island.
Elvis Presley is Coming Back. As a Hologram.- 1.4.24
WATCH: Haley Appears to Acknowledge Defeat In Iowa, Calls for New Hampshire to 'Correct It.' - 1.4.24
Michelle Obama 2024? Here's her plan to win. - January 02, 2024
Speaker Johnson, House Republicans Absolutely Torch Biden During Visit To Border - 72,761 views 1.3.24
JUST IN: Donald Trump Issues WARNING To America... - 2,247 views 1.3.24
NINE state Capitols evacuated or locked down over bomb threats on same day after mass hoax email warned of hidden explosives that would make sure 'you all end up dead'
Apple lost $100 billion in market value in one day - more than combined worth of Ford and GM - and 'lackluster' sales of one gadget are to blame
Packed Japan Airlines Passenger Plane Bursts into Flames on Tokyo Airport Runway - January 2, 2024
American Water Facilities Targeted by Foreign Cyber Attacks - January 2, 2024
Trump Snubs GOP Debate on CNN, Will Hold Fox News Town Hall at Same Time Instead - 1.2.24
New York Times: DeSantis Campaign on 'Hospice Care,' Facing 'Inevitable Death' - 1.3.24
Mayor Adams Admits a 'Number of Migrants Committed Crimes' in NYC, Reveals 'Robbery Pattern' - 1.3.24
Tens of Thousands of Votes Cast in Georgia with Ineligible Addresses in 2020 Election - 1.3.24
BREAKING : U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) submits letter of resignation - 20.8K views 1.2.24
Bill Clinton mentioned over 50 times in documents linked to suit filed by Epstein accuser: report - 1.2.24
Best Buy will no longer sell DVDs and Blu-rays from their 1129 stores in order to clear the space for 'new and innovative' tech
BREAKING NEWSHarvard President Claudine Gay 'to resign' over plagiarism claims and disastrous antisemitism testimony
The price of failure: Outgoing Harvard President Claudine Gay is still set to earn $900,000-a-year by returning to professor's job at embattled college's political sciences department
Minimum wage is increased across nearly half of the US in 2024 - find out how YOUR state's basic pay compares - 1.2.24
Bannon: 'Viper' Haley Must Not Be VP, Will Try to Run Admin as Cheney-Style 'Prime Minister'.
Gunman raids Colorado Supreme Court building after judges voted to kick Trump off ballot: Intruder held security guard hostage, shot out a window and set building on fire before surrendering to cops
Trump Rivals Will Spend Near $8M in Iowa Ads in Next 12 Days. - 1.2..24
WATCH: South Korean Opposition Leader Stabbed in Neck, Airlifted to Hospital.- 1.3.24
California Animal Welfare Regulations That Could Jack Up Prices Nationwide Go Into Effect After Lengthy Legal Battle
Movements of God Around the World | Faith Nation December 26, 2023
Biden Administration Sends Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Ballroom Dance Program in Peru to "Uplift" Trans Youth
Trump Warns Democrats Will Use Migrants to Win Election, Says They Have Been 'Signing Them Up' to Vote at a 'Rapid Pace'
Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy's Resignation From House Effective Today, Leaves Republicans With Razor Thin Majority - 12.31.24
Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Vows to Pardon Trump If He Is Convicted So 'We Can Move On' Ukraine Faces Growing Calls From US to Cede Land to Russia - Dec 30, 2023
Nigerian Christmas massacre death toll hits 195 - December 29, 2023
Bill Clinton 'will be named as John Doe 36' when a list of Jeffrey Epstein associates from court filings are made public next week - 10.31.23
Times Square New Year's Eve NYC LIVE 2023! - 34,241 views 12.31.23

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