News Social Issues continued For October 2021

Taliban 'Peacefully' Parades Executed Corpses of Un-Islamic 'Traitors' - 6th October 2021
FBI Admits They Don’t Bother Tracking Antifa Violence - WATCH - 6th October 2021
Nuns Used Crucifixes to Rape Girls in Horrific Abuse Involving 330,000 Children - 6th October 2021
Communist China Threatens to Trigger World War Three 'At Any Time' - 6th October 2021
Biden Snaps at 'F*ck Joe Biden' Signs in Michigan: '81M Americans Voted for Me!' - 6th October 2021
Ohio Takes Down Largest Child Trafficking Ring in History: ‘We Are Coming After You - 6th October 2021
Soros Is Cashing Out Of Stocks, Putting Some Capital Into Cryptocurrencies - Oct 05, 2021
My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone's Immune System After the 2nd Jab
China sets stage for NUCLEAR WAR with Taiwan, Australia, Japan, India and the USA - 23390 - Oct 5, 2021
Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) introduces legislation to BLOCK interstate travel checkpoints the Biden Regime is trying to set up with SS/Marxist vaccine
Denver Police Officer and Father of Four Takes the Jab and Now Cannot Walk - October 3, 2021
Biden Hires Sanctuary City Advocate to 'Prosecute' Illegal Aliens - 5th October 2021
A perfect storm’: supply chain crisis could blow world economy off course - Oct 2, 2021
Sky News Australia Documentary: What Really Happened in Wuhan - September 29, 2021
7,800+ Doctors, Scientists Accuse COVID Policymakers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ - 09/27/21
Sidney Powell Drops BOMB! Military Can Determine Election Outcomes
Getting Started With Cryptos
The GREATEST SECRET in cosmic consciousness is about to change the world forever - 61440 views - Oct 1, 2021
Biden Admin Preparing for Up to 400,000 Migrants to Enter U.S this Month - 1st October 2021
Chinese Military Begins Arriving at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan, Reports Say - 4th October 2021
We're Living In The Final Days of Biden & The Deep State!! - On The Fringe Must Video - September 30, 2021
77% of Population in Socialist Venezuela Now Lives in Extreme Poverty - 1st October 2021
Vatican Cardinal Defends Biden Receiving Communion: Promoting Abortion is Not a “State of Sin” - Oct 4, 2021
Joe Biden Overturns Trump’s Pro-Life Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood of $60 Million - Oct 4, 2021
Pelosi gets labeled 'Grandma Death' - October 2, 2021
Trump: If DeSantis Runs in 2024, 'I’d Beat Him like I’d Beat Everyone Else' - 4th October 2021
In Deep Ship: What's Really Driving The Supply-Chain Crisis - Oct 03, 2021
Potentially millions of first responders, police, teachers, healthcare workers will soon be out of a job over COVID vaccine mandates - 10.04.2021
Lights at Bagram Airbase Turned On – Chinese Military Planes Reportedly Seen Landing at Abandoned US Airbase in Afghanistan - 10.3.2021
A message from three ultra-wealthy Coloradans: Tax us, please
Abbott Does Biden's Job: Operation Lone Star Catches Thousands of Criminal Migrants - 4th October 2021
George Soros-Linked Group Calls to ‘Shoot Republicans’ in Letter to FCC - 27th September 2021

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